Irrigation & Reticulation in Perth: Advice From The Experts

To get the gorgeous lawn that you deserve; your turf needs the tender loving care that it deserves.

Finding specialist reticulation installation in Perth is no easy task. Thankfully Waterwise Landscaping has you covered.

Waterwise Landscaping is that trusted choice, a sustainable landscaping firm that not only provides top-quality landscaping services to our customers but also helps educate them in gardening maintenance. And in keeping with this education, we introduce you to some quick irrigation and reticulation advice in this article.

Tips For A Successful Irrigation & Reticulation Installation in Perth

A proper irrigation and reticulation installation is crucial to making sure that your lawn is watered regularly, evenly, and with the right amount of water for the job.

Plan Ahead

A successful installation begins on paper. That’s right—don’t dig anything up just yet! Start with a tape measure, pen and paper, and measure out your garden area. Jot down as much in the way of notes as you can and get an idea of exactly how you want your lawn to look so that you can plan your reticulation and irrigation accordingly.

On paper, lay out your lawn in a grid of square meters. For ease of use, you can try using graph paper like you used back in school for geometry and math. Be sure to include any obstacles in the lawn that you’ll have to move around. By marking out your lawn in this way, you can estimate how much tubing you’ll need to properly reticulate your lawn.

You should also plan ahead for future months to get your lawn maintenance and efficiency in order.

You can install downspouts from your gutters to recycle rainwater into your irrigation system, saving on water usage.

You should also set up your sprinkling schedule in a way that avoids hot and dry times of day – consider setting watering cycles before 9 in the morning, and after 6 in the evening. But don’t water too late at night—you might overwater your plans, as none of the water will evaporate without sunlight.

Purchasing the Correct Equipment

The right sprinkler head for your lawn irrigation system is a huge part of the cost equation, as it can save lots of time and money.

When choosing the head, you should take into account your watering area. If you have a long, wide watering area, you may want to choose a rotor head, which reaches pretty far out. Meanwhile, a narrow lawn in the order of 12-28 feet calls for rotary nozzles, which produce more of a mist than a stream, and save water in the process.

Keep in mind that your choice must also be informed by available water pressure. Spray heads and rotary nozzles need somewhere in the vicinity of 20-30 PSI of pressure, while rotor heads, which cover a broader area, need over 40 PSI of pressure, which of course increases as the area to be covered increases as well.

Contact Landscape Designers For High-Quality Reticulation Installation In Perth

Your reticulation and irrigation system is a critical part of how healthy your turf will be, and consequently how good your lawn will look. To get the most out of your garden reticulation, Perth has Waterwise Landscaping as a prime choice for anything from domestic solutions to large-scale landscaping projects. Contact us now for a free quotation on your garden reticulation and irrigation needs!