The Dangers of DIY Landscaping

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So it’s not just to toot our own horn when we say that you should definitely consider hiring experts for your landscaping projects, rather than trying to do things on your own.

As affordable as it might seem initially, DIY landscaping comes with a whole host of issues and complications that may end up costing you more, not just in terms of money, but also time and effort.

Dangers Of DIY Landscaping In Perth

Danger One: Not Planning Properly

Any time you set out to work on a landscaping project, you need to have some important things in mind.

For one, you need to have a set of tasks to be carried out in order, which will compose your landscaping project. And yes, the order is important—you don’t want to be completing other yard tasks when your fresh turf is newly laid out!

Another important thing to have is a list of tools and materials needed. You need to have all of these prepared beforehand, lest you waste time, effort, and money going back and forth for yet another thing that you forgot to prepare.

It’s also important to have a timeline so that you know what can realistically be accomplished. This is useful not only to reduce the amount of time you spend, but also to prevent new ideas from encroaching into your plans and causing you to go way over budget!

And finally, you need to have an intelligently-designed theme in mind to put all the parts of your landscaping project together.

Danger Two: Going Over Your Budget

Every time you make a mistake, you cost money on the spot to redo whatever error you committed.

Every time a new idea pops up in your head that is outside the original scope, you throw money at your project and spend more than necessary.

And every time you make an early mistake, such as picking the wrong sprinkler head, or not meticulously caring for your lawn during the critical early stages, you’ll pay for it in the future.

Without expertise, you can commit any number of these mistakes and spend even more than you originally planned!

Danger Three: Not Considering Other Factors

When landscape contractors work on a project, they’ll take into account everything from the amount of shade and direct sunlight exposure each patch of turf gets every day, to the layout of the irrigation and reticulation system. They do this stuff for a living so they’ll always take everything into consideration.

Without that kind of background, you may well end up with a dry, shabby lawn that simply doesn’t look as good as it could because of something fundamental that you might have overlooked.

Danger Four: Throwing Together Random Elements

Without expert advice and guidance, many DIY landscapers end up throwing things together in a hodgepodge of assorted—and often incoherent—ideas. This just looks terrible without an understanding of complementary elements, contrasts, and space.

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Given all these dangers, it’s clear that the solution is to call up an expert and have them take care of your lawn for you! Contact us at Waterwise Landscaping and get a free quotation for our services. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with what we have to offer.