5 Landscaping Ideas Perth Loves

Whether you are in love with the long sunshine hours of summer, or prefer snuggling up to the sound of rain in winter, the thing that Perth residents love most about our secluded coastal city is it’s perfect weather. What better way to enjoy the seasons than in the privacy of your backyard.

The following are a few ideas on how to turn your outdoor spaces into the perfect Perth retreat.

Idea One: Brick and Sand Combination

From the blood red bricks of Midland to the sandstone blocks in Fremantle, Perth is blessed with a selection of beautiful bricks to make your space stand out. Exposed brick elements can be used to emphasise natural plantings in your design. Maybe include a sand feature that provides children with a tactile play space as well as an opportunity for aesthetic floor covering.

With a little thought to colours, combining brick features with sand paths or play spaces give an easy, earthy feel.

Idea Two: Wood and Natural Stone

Including wood and natural stone into your landscaping can introduce a sense of nature along with stimulating textures to see and touch. Choose wooden furniture that ages well to soften a space and add a timeless feel, while a stone or pebble path contrasts with a little hardscape.

Idea Three: Keep it Low Maintenance

Establishing a truly restful retreat in your backyard begins during the design. Make sure to choose low watering and easily maintained plants, and match it with weed resistant ground cover to ensure your time in the garden is spent enjoying the space.

Idea Four: Include the Food

No matter how much space you have available, with a little ingenuity, growing edible plantings can supply you and your family with anything from fresh herbs to vine ripe tomatoes all year round. With our Mediterranean climate, residential landscaping in Perth is the perfect opportunity to grow fresh, pesticide free produce. In bigger backyards fruit trees are a must have, select varieties with visually beautiful flowers such as plum or apple.

If you have a more restricted space, choose delicious herbs such as sage, basil or thyme that love a sunny window sill or can be included in a green-wall planter.

Idea Five: Make Your Shed the Focal Point

Many Australian gardens host a classic tin shed. Rather than having a forgettable box in the corner, why not take the opportunity to create a beautiful structure in your yard. Use local materials such as recycled woods for a rustic hide-away for garden tools, or use the space to create an eye catching outdoor cooking.

If you have a larger backyard, why not look into making an elegant pool house that can act as anything from a day lounge, reading nook, or extra bedroom when guests visit.

The outdoors of Perth can to be enjoyed all year round. If you are moving into a freshly built house, looking for landscaping ideas suitable for Perth, or just want to talk possibilities, call Waterwise Landscaping today. With over a decade of local experience, world class horticulturalist Mirek Carter and his team would love to discuss how we can transform your backyard to complete your dream home.