5 Questions To Ask When Seeking Reliable Landscaping Services

Heard a few horror stories about hiring landscapers? Don’t know of any landscape companies Perth bound? Worried about the cost of a landscaper or that they will design your garden without allowing any input from you? To remain in control and enjoy the process of landscaping your garden there are a few things you need to think about and will need to ask your potential landscaper. Waterwise Landscaping have made this easier by sharing their five top tips on how to secure a reliable landscaping service company in Perth.

Questions You Must Ask Before Paying For Landscaping Services

  1. Ask About The Services Offered

The first question you should ask your potential landscaper, is what kind of services does the Landscaping services Perth company offer? There are three main categories landscape services fall under. These are: design only, design-build and full-service.

The design only service is true to its name, the landscaper only specialises in the design process. This generally includes a site analysis, discussion of your wants, needs and ideas for your garden, preliminary designs, revisions on the design and finally a detailed master plan for the garden.

The design-build service is where the landscaping companies Perth team designs and installs the garden. The landscaping business will either have registered contractors on their staff or they will recommend contractors. Either way, the contractors will be overseen by the landscaper.

The third type of service is the full-service. This is where the landscapers will perform all of the above services and will oversee the maintenance of your garden.

Waterwise landscaping services Perth deliver a full-service, with no quality spared.

  1. Request To View Portfolio And References

Just like hiring an architect or a builder, you will need to view the landscaping services Perth company’s previous work, to ensure the quality and style is suited to your needs. It is also important to do some research on landscape companies Perth teams by getting in contact with their past clients. This way you can ask about not only the quality of the finished product and how gardens have grown, but you can also ask about their service style and if they are good communicators.


  1. Seek A Consultation, Ask About Ideas And The Process

Some, not all, landscape companies Perth services will offer a garden consultation to view your garden and they will use this as a way to begin pitching ideas to you. This allows you to see how the landscaper operates and whether their ideas and aspirations for your garden align with your own. This is a great opportunity to ask them about their process and how long installation will take. You can then decide if this will work for you.


  1. Does The Estimated Cost Align With Your Budget?

Communication is integral for a successful and positive project with a landscaping company. You need to clearly communicate to your landscaper what your budget is and see if this fits in with their estimated costs. If not, ask how the costs can be reduced by using alternate materials or methods.


  1. Ask About Garden Growth And Maintenance

Lastly, ask about when you should expect your garden to be fully grown and what kind of maintenance will be required. This allows you to not only consider the costs of design and installation but also the long-term costs.

Contact Waterwise Landscaping For Reliable Landscaping Services

Once you have asked these questions and are satisfied with the answers, you are likely now ready to get started on your landscaping job. If you’re ready to engage with an expert landscaper, think no further than Waterwise Landscaping, call us today for a free quote!