Ways To Use Stones & Pebbles In Your Landscape Designs


Proper landscape design is the making or breaking of a successful garden – and what better way to spruce it up than with stones and pebbles. Whether you’re aiming for a traditional Japanese zen garden or just to activate a dilapidated part of your backyard, well-allocated stones are the next big thing to transform your indoor and outdoor spaces.

River rocks:

What better way to create a sophisticated yet relaxing space in your backyard than by creating a stream of rocks. Set up to your own desire, these rocks can create the illusion of a coursing stream running through your very own backyard. Complimented by native or exotic vegetation, this will give you the landscape design you need to liven up your personal relaxation space.


Have a path around your house but don’t know what to do to give it that finishing touch? Surround it with pebbles! It’s the easiest way to turn average landscape design into the avant-garde. Use them to fill in or define existing paths. This look is best done with larger stepping stones, accentuated by the smaller pebbles.


The best bit about rocks and pebbles is their permeability, allowing them to be great to cover any open drains or grates you may have in your outside areas. The best bit? Put them over the top and it looks like the drain isn’t even there – plus you still get the exact same drainage! Just be wary that the pebble size you use isn’t small enough to fall through the grates.

Ground cover:

Another great thing about rocks is that you don’t need to water them. If you find yourself tired of watering your garden or there are sections currently just covered in weeds, laying down some pebble cover is the perfect solution. Not only does it create a great aesthetic, it also protects the soil from erosion and from growing weeds.

Garden beds:

Not only can you buy pebble mulch, but it also is a much more efficient and sustainable landscape design element. As they are permeable, water can easily soak through them. However, they also block out the sun, making sure the water doesn’t evaporate and the soil underneath stays a lot more hydrated. Your plants will love you for it!


Utilising pebbles is a great way to border off where you want your grass to stop and your garden or house to begin. Enforcing this border helps you keep everything where you want it to be whilst still keeping the aesthetic landscape design elements of a natural garden.

Japanese Zen Gardens:

Of course, if you’re feeling a little artsy or love the meditative features of a traditional zen garden, you can give this eye-catching idea a shot. Traditionally built with a few sporadically placed larger stones, surrounded by raked pebbles, you can add your own personalised touch to it to create your very own space to catch your zen.

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