What Is The ‘Adopt A Verge’ Program?

Multiple councils across Western Australia are beginning to encourage residents to take part in an ‘Adopt a verge’ program, as part of the Waterwise Greening Scheme, introduced by the Water Corporation.

In case you don’t know, a verge is the strip of land that lies between your property, the neighbour’s property and the roadside.

The program has been designed to assist neighbourhoods in converting their current unused, weedy, unkempt verges into an eye-catching, waterwise, mini native garden oasis.

In some councils, this is a subsidised program, such as the City of Victoria Park.

Benefits of Adopting A Verge

You may well be thinking, why would I  want to adopt a verge? There are numerous benefits for doing this. One benefit is it can bring the neighbourhood together, a communal project that involves neighbours working together and planning to help improve the look of the immediate area.

Once you start working on landscaping the verges in your street it will help increase the greenery of each street, this can help improve the local biodiversity of plants that will create natural ‘corridors’ of greenery in the area,

Having more green areas will allow more small animals to move freely around, native plants to grow and to thrive and will improve the overall look to the whole street and transform the verges to native gardens that all the neighbours can enjoy.

Finally, having an updated, stylish verge is a way you can add some extra value to your home when it comes time to sell.

Communal Landscaping

The overall impact of landscaping Perth’s verges cannot be understated, once a few have been completed it will give others in the neighbourhood ideas and they will want to take part as well. It is a great scheme to foster community spirit, encourage local wildlife to thrive and the natural health benefits of having additional green areas.

Are You Eligible?

If you want to improve your neighborhoods landscaping in the Perth area by adopting your verge, enquire with your local government about any subsidies, grants regarding the adopt a verge program and waterwise greening scheme.

Once you have decided to adopt a verge, you will need to contact the team at Waterwise Landscaping to get it done.