The New ‘Great Australian Dream’

The roots of the original Australian Dream can be traced right back to the early colonial Australian settlers, it flourished and evolved after world war two during the city rebuilding, but the great dream really began to become popular in the 1950’s and 60’s when Australia enjoyed a baby boom, low unemployment and general prosperity.

The Original Dream

The central part of the Australian dream revolves around home ownership, it is the central goal to achieve. Once you have the keys to your own home it’s a sign of success, it is security. It is a place to call your own, start raising your family, a central base where you can relax and socialize at the weekend with your friends over a can and a barbeque in the large backyard, beautifully landscaped and covered in turf.

Simply put ‘The Dream’ that has been ingrained on generations of Australians imaginations is school, university, career, buy your home, raise your family, relax.

Today’s New Australian Dream

In fact the Australian Dream is alive and well, but it has had to evolve. The overall economic success Australia has seen over the last few decades has meant that house prices have increased at a much faster rate than ever before.

Buying a home in central areas is beyond the financial reach of many young millennials, in fact anyone under the age of 35 would find it incredibly difficult to finance.

The stark reality is that most young Australians have been priced out of the housing market, does this mean the dream of buying your home is out of reach? Not at all, the new generations of buyers are changing what they are looking for; purchasing a house with a large backyard and pool is no longer achievable for most, so they are shopping smarter, perhaps with some more refined, Waterwise Landscaping.

In central areas there are smaller properties, with shared outside space, residential flats with communal pools, house shares and many alternatives available. If you were looking for a larger space then many are turning to buying land on the outskirts of cities and building their own home.

Living the New Dream

Owning your own home is still a central to ‘living the dream’, the evolution of the dream now has shifted in how homeowners interact with the environment around them. A home needs to be environmentally friendly with recycling facilities. It needs to run economically to help reduce energy requirements.

Outside space needs to be used efficiently. It is important that the area is Waterwise, to reduce any wasted water and keep consumption to a minimum. The area needs to be well landscaped to not only look good but also to provide a safe and nurturing environment for native plants, insects, and small animals.

Whilst the homeowner is now more focused on environmental aspects, it is still important that space is designed well to raise a family, have friends over and socialize.

Residential Landscaping Perth

Waterwise Landscaping provides outstanding Landscaping services throughout Perth, we specialize in providing beautiful and green designs whatever size of the space. We are on hand to answer any questions you may have, so give us a call today to find out more.