Landscaping Tips For New Home Builders

Landscaping your new home can be a lot of fun – but it can also be a time-consuming, labour-intensive and difficult task.

Here are 6 landscaping tips for your new home.

  1. Be aware of local council guidelines

When it comes to your new home, it’s essential to consult local council guidelines before the landscaping process begins. In particular, paying attention to water restrictions in your suburb is a great way to weed out the flowers, trees and plants you’ll be able to maintain with your permitted water levels.

  1. Prepare your soil for planting

While you’re in the planning stage, ensure your soil is well-prepared. This involves making sure you have adequate drainage, adding compost and nutrients, and checking that your soil isn’t compacted. A visit to your local nursery is a great way to obtain advice on effectively preparing your soil before the landscaping process begins.

  1. Ensure paths around the building permit proper water drainage

Paths around your house should not be catchments for water – so it’s essential to ensure your pathways permit for proper water drainage in case of increased rainfall. Being careful with the placement of these pathways is a great way to ensure water can fall away from your building.

  1. Be strategic about plant selection and placement

Along with the local council water restrictions mentioned above, a great way to ensure your plants will be long-lasting is selecting appropriate plants for your weather conditions. Acknowledge your soil condition and weather factors such as rainfall or spells of heat and choose the plants you know will thrive within your suburb.

When it comes to plant placement, discuss with your landscaper the ways in which plants can help frame your home and create an idyllic environment. For instance, if your house is on a busy road, discuss options for a hedge.

  1. Think about space for children or pets

If you’re planning on having kids or welcoming pets into your house, it’s a good idea to be forward-thinking about play space for them. This could mean a spot in the garden for a trampoline, or some extra grass for your pets to run around on. The same applies for fencing to keep kids or pets safe – which can also be discussed with your landscaper. Before organising a fence installation, be sure to confirm this with your local council in case of any landscaping parameters.

  1. Avoid planting trees or large plants close to your house

When trees or large plants are planted close to buildings, their roots can potentially cause damage to plumbing or drainage plants. Before planting, consult your local nursery or landscaper to ensure the placement of this large fauna won’t negatively impact anything connected to your building.

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