Desert Landscaping Ideas

Desert landscaping is one of the newest trends on the property renovation market; characterised by drought-resistant plants, bold and colourful furniture and sharp-edged, decorative rocks.

And luckily for budding landscapers, desert landscaping options aren’t just limited to those who battle dry, tough climates all year-round. Here are five easy desert landscaping ideas to incorporate into your dream desert oasis. 


Xeriscaping involves the elimination of irrigation in landscaping, and relies upon cacti, stones and drought-resistant plants, such as succulents. Derived from the Greek term ‘xeros’, meaning dry, this design principle is extremely popular in dry climates due to its minimal maintenance and limited reliance on water. It’s easy to upkeep, and can evoke a green, natural look in an otherwise dry climate. If colour is one of your xeriscaping concerns, it’s easy to pot a few colourful succulents to lighten up the area.

Rock gardens

Rock gardens can create small points of interest around your garden, and can also serve as potting areas for drought-resistant greenery. The sharp angles of rocks can contrast the softer angles of flowers, and can also create an aesthetically-pleasing colour scale within your garden. Try to keep your sizes consistent and to-scale – so if you’re using small rocks, opt for smaller plants or flowers to balance them out.

Raised garden beds

Utilising the height of a raised garden bed can provide great contrast within your garden. Not only is a raised bed great for keeping your plants away from pets or kids, but it’s a visually effective way to frame and highlight specific areas of your garden. For a more practical usage, place raised beds next to each other and create a ‘natural’ fence to section off parts of your property.

Tropical colours

Amongst your greenery, ‘planting’ tropical-coloured furniture pieces or sculptures is a great way to add a pop of contrast to your garden. Oranges, pinks and yellows are great tropical colours to use – and placing a bright-coloured deck chair is a popular way to create an area of ‘sanctuary’ amongst your plethora of plants.

Bright lights

It gets dark in the desert, so dispersing lights on ropes, lamps or walls is a great way to ensure your garden can be seen and enjoyed in the evening. Lights can also evoke a variety of moods – so deciding whether you’d prefer small globes or big, bright lights is a good first step to determining your garden’s lighting design. If you’re dedicated to the true desert landscaping experience, opt for solar lights to make use of the copious amounts of hot sun during the day. 

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