How Improved Landscaping Can Make You Money

Spending time outdoors is one of the best things about living in Perth. Whether it’s kicking a footy on the front lawn, inviting neighbours for a backyard BBQ, holding a garden soiree or simply relaxing and enjoying the pleasant weather, attractive and functional gardens provide a long list of lifestyle benefits.

But did you realise landscaping can add value to your property as well? Perth’s best landscaping ideas are the ones that pay dividends in several ways:

$17,000 property value increase

A Perth-based study showed that a broad-leaf tree on the verge increased the property’s value by $16,889.

Higher rental returns

High-quality landscaping increases the perceived value of a property by 5% to 11%, according to research from Michigan State University.

Customised to the property

Like renovating or repainting, landscaping in Perth takes ideas and inspiration from the home’s interior and exterior design to create a cohesive, attractive property.

Create a functional outdoor space

Great landscaping ideas in Perth are those that blend function and style by creating spaces that look nice and extend the liveable area.

Value-adding landscaping ideas for Perth properties

So, how do you take advantage of all that potential with professional landscaping? Here at Waterwise Landscaping, we’re always keeping an eye on cutting-edge landscaping ideas that will add value and enrich your lifestyle.

Here are the freshest landscaping ideas in Perth:

Screens and screening plants

Screening plants soften outdoor areas while achieving a real sense of privacy. You can use a combination of solid screen structures that blend with plants chosen for their thick and fast growth.

The key is being deliberate with design choices. We can help you select the right natural materials, choose waterwise native plants, and design a screen that suits your garden.

Lay new turf

Turf transformations are one of the most cost-effective ways to improve first impressions. A lush new lawn also provides space for kids to play, creates a greener environment, and increases the value of your home.

Read more about the best types of turf for Perth houses here, as well as the steps to follow that ensure a truly terrific turf transformation.

Plant a broad-leaved tree

As we mentioned above, a broad-leaved tree is a valuable addition to your verge and an achievable landscaping idea for Perth homeowners and businesses.

If you would prefer to plant a native broad-leaved tree or tall shrub, here are some of the most resilient and waterwise varieties:

  • Corymbia ficifolia (Grafted Summer Red Eucalyptus)
  • Broad leaf paperbark (Melaleuca quinquenervia)
  • Many varieties of Hakea
  • Cupaniopsis anacardioides (Tuckaroo or Beach Tamarind)
  • Smooth-barked Coolabah (Eucalyptus victrix)
  • Broad-leaved Mulga (Acacia craspedocarpa)

Hardscaping for year-round entertaining

Intricate hardscaping is a visually attractive complement to landscaping. It also extends the usable area by creating a comfortable and durable space for entertaining and living. Here are some of the best hardscaping ideas in Perth right now:

  • Paved covered alfresco for all-weather entertaining
  • A hardscaped path meandering through a landscaped garden
  • Innovative concrete steps to welcome guests
  • Rock walls around a raised garden bed
  • Creatively defined lawn and garden with steel edging
  • Rock or concrete pavers creating a minimal path

Perth’s best landscaping ideas in practice

Transforming your landscape is an investment – but it shouldn’t cost the earth. Here at Waterwise Landscaping, we take pride in creating valuable, beautiful, usable and gentle spaces.

To find out more about our services, from waterwise landscape design ideas to innovative hardscaping and native tree maintenance, call us on (08) 9408 5199 or send an enquiry in seconds.