Can a Garden Save a Life?

The surprising health benefits of garden landscaping as a Perth homeowner

Redesigning your garden is a great way to improve the overall look and feel of your home. Garden landscaping raises property values, makes your street look tidier, and (deservedly, we think) gives you a sense of pride in your home’s appearance.

But gardening is rewarding in so many other ways as well. And the best part is, you don’t need to be a natural green thumb to reap the benefits.

All you need is a sunny day, advice from a Perth garden landscaping professional (that’s us) and a little free time.

Improved brain function

Studies and programs from Australia, Korea, Norway and the Netherlands, to name a few, are providing evidence that gardening might improve the quality of life of people suffering dementia.

Gardening is a sensory experience, and the calming actions are thought to improve cognitive skills like memory. It turns out, growing a garden also grows nerves in the brain that boost memory function.

Mood lifter

2020 has been challenging for people around the world. To cope with isolation, stress and boredom, you probably noticed a wave of people baking bread and making whipped coffee. Others turned their attention to gardening, and the results are reinforcing long-held theories that gardening might help to ease depression and anxiety.

Two hours a week in nature is all it takes to improve overall well-being. It’s a combination of factors adding up to happier, healthier minds:

  • Physical activity
  • Connecting with nature and your community
  • Moderate mental challenges
  • Satisfaction seeing something grow

Some UK doctors are even “prescribing” time in the great outdoors or a community garden to help people suffering from depression and anxiety.

Vitamin D boost

Spring is the best time to get stuck into a garden landscaping project in Perth. The days are long, sunny, and pleasantly warm, without the overbearing summer heat.

If you’ve been spending too long indoors, you might notice the effect of lower Vitamin D absorption. Sun exposure is the best way to get more Vitamin D into your system, helping to strengthen bones and muscles.

Just remember to Slip, Slop, Slap and take regular shade breaks in the middle of the day.

Low-intensity exercise

If you think gardening doesn’t get you fit, try carting a full wheelbarrow around for a few hours!

Less energy-intensive tasks like planting, weeding, mowing and pruning are still good ways to get exercise outdoors. Gardening can help to combat everything from age-related weight gain to joint weakness from inactivity.

Before and after photos

Is there any feeling better than seeing how far you’ve come? We always recommend our Perth garden landscaping clients to snap “before” photos of the garden from several angles.

After the landscaping project is complete, the “after” photos are proof of progress. But they’re only the start. We like to check in to see how our clients’ gardens grow and change over time as the homeowners discover a hidden horticulture obsession.

Get the benefits of garden landscaping in Perth

Waterwise Landscaping has been helping homeowners and businesses transform their gardens for nearly 20 years. We know the secret to long-term growth, and we’re more than happy to share it with you.

It costs you nothing to get the benefits of our advice – simply request a free garden landscaping quote today to enrich your life tomorrow.