Perth Landscaping Tips To Thrive In Summer

Ah, summer: that time of year when your friends and families come together for some fun in the sun. It’s the perfect weather for afternoon swims in the pool, barbeques by the patio, and play dates in the yard. Unfortunately, keeping your outdoor spaces in tip-top shape during summer becomes even more challenging than usual, thanks to the blistering heat.
Don’t let the summer sun keep you from having a picture-perfect yard. Here are some of the top landscaping hacks you can use to keep your garden lush and thriving even during the hottest months of the year.

Have The Right Supplies

For your garden to survive the harsh summer heat, you’re going to need the right landscaping supplies on hand. A reliable set of tools will help you work faster and smarter, so make sure you stock up before the summer season rolls in!
Buying the best landscaping supplies in Perth will keep you prepared for any lawn emergency. You don’t even need a fully-equipped tool shed; as long as you have the must-have essentials, your dream landscape is within reach. Any home gardener should have a mower, spade, shovel, shears, fertilisers, and watering equipment for easy lawn care during the summer.

Be Organised

You don’t need expensive equipment or a complicated landscaping strategy to keep your garden alive and blooming in the summer months. The secret to a beautiful, lush yard is simple: keep it tidy, and be consistent. Stay organised and on top of your garden’s needs, and the warm season will be a breeze.


Keeping your grass neat and short should be at the top of your regular yard maintenance checklist. Not only does it boost the curb appeal of your home, but it also has a host of other benefits.
Mowing your lawn gets rid of nasty pests, clears out debris, and fertilises your yard. Plus, frequent mowing makes your yard look healthier since new grass doesn’t have to compete for water and nutrients with old grass. This is extra important during the summer when water is more scarce.
Depending on how fast your grass grows, you might need to mow your lawn from once to several times a week. While keeping it short and fresh is the goal, be careful not to cut the grass too short; this hampers its ability to protect itself against drought and other kinds of damage.


Water is quite literally what brings your beautiful garden to life. Alas, the summer heat tends to suck up your yard’s precious moisture, leaving your lawn dehydrated and damaged. One quick and easy tip is to water your plants in the early morning or evening, avoiding the hottest times of the day. You avoid unwanted evaporation, keeping your yard fresh and hydrated for much longer.

Consult Professionals For Landscape Architecture

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