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Turf Installation Perth


Our Turf Services

At Waterwise Landscaping we pride ourselves on supplying the best quality turf installation services in Perth, for your needs. We understand that choosing the right grass is integral for your garden as it will determine how much time you spend in your garden and how much enjoyment you get from it. To help you understand which turf is best for you to take a look at a few popular types below.

Types Of Turf:


Sir Walter:

Sir Walter is a very popular turf type as it has great shade tolerance and it is a beautifully rich green. It has a soft leaf but is strong, so it is a great lawn for play. Sir Walter is often regarded as one of the best grass types on the market because of its durability.

Empire Zoysia

Empire Zoysia is a great low maintenance lawn as it doesn’t require much water or fuel from fertilisers and only needs to be cut a few times a year.


Velvetene is true to its name, it is very soft to the touch as it has a very fine leaf. This lawn looks great short, even as short as a green on a golf course!


Kikuyu is a very tough lawn which in the wrong environment can be very invasive as it is often used at places such as parks. It does have a very lush colour and is great for environments where there will be lots of activity.

Wintergreen Couch

This type of lawn has an extensive root system which also makes it a very strong grass and it is very low in cost. However, because it is an invasive grass it can run into garden beds if there is no edging. This lawn is very cost effective and is often used on sports grounds.

Turf Installation Perth


To fully understand our turf installation services, let us take you through each step in our turf installation process.

Step One: Before laying new turf, we make sure the ground is clear. We do this by spraying glyphosate on the area to kill of any old grass or weeds and wait a few weeks before moving on to the next step.

Step Two: We remove all the debris from the area and level and shape the ground. This is also the same time the reticulation is installed.

Step Three: Then we cover the ground in soil improvement which helps the water holding capacity of the soil and gives nutrients to your new turf.

Step Four: Finally, we lay the turf!

Step Five: We water your grass. This will need to be continued after we leave.

Step Six: We compact the turf by rolling over a heavy roller over the turf to push the turf and the soil together.

Step Seven: We apply a top-dressing and fertiliser to feed your new lawn.

Now the installation of the lawn might stop there but maintenance doesn’t. You can maintain your lawn by fertilising, watering and mowing your new lawn.

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